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Webpage carbon emissions tool

The Internet is full of dirty websites. Not the type you’re thinking of.* We just mean websites that are poorly coded, hosted on non-green servers, and stuffed full of filthy images (again, not that type, we just mean big images that take a lot of processing and data transfer to manage).

Enter your URL and we’ll work out the estimated carbon footprint of your web page.

How we get your score

To get your score we’re comparing your estimated CO2 per visit with the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance’s minimum criteria of 1g per visit. Find out more about their assessment criteria here

NB: We have used an average number of annual page visits of 300,000 to calculate this score. We’ve based this on research by Hubspot ( that shows that about 66% of websites get a median average of 25,000 visits a month. We know we’re playing fast and loose with this, but it’s an MVP. In a future update we’re going to give you the power to put in the average number of monthly visits your site gets so you can get a more accurate figure.